The "Shaolin Monk technique" that took me from struggling, inconsistent and frustrated trader...

... and guided me to become a confident, consistent and profitable trader, and even launch my own multi-million dollar Hedge Fund!

I was struggling. 

I was frustrated. 

And I was depressed.

I was working REALLY hard as a trader. I watched the markets for hours and hours, days week and months. I read books, I talked to other traders, I tried lots of new ideas. 

I was consumed by the markets and I could hardly sleep as I stayed up late every night trying to find a consistent way to profit from the markets.

I tried day trading. I tried swing trading. I tried Mean Reversion. Breakouts. Chart Patterns. Statistical Arbitrage. Intermarket Analysis. I tried it all...

But with all that hard work and effort, I was still getting nowhere.

It was frustrating. And to be honest, there were times when I seriously considered giving up. I was at that point where I just couldn't take it anymore.

The failure was eating me up inside. It was painful. And I couldn't admit to myself or my loved ones that perhaps trading wasn't for me. No matter how much I wanted it.

But the truth of the matter is this...

It takes alot of time and effort to develop all the necessary skills to become a consistently profitable trader. And I mean ALOT. But that’s the tricky part, because:  

Most traders have NO time.

They're often trapped in a daily life of never-ending tasks and responsibilities. They struggle to find any real time to dedicate to trading. They want to progress faster, but the journey can be tough and they don't know what to do.

And perhaps that's you too.

Do you need a "shortcut"...?

A shortcut to progress faster. 

A shortcut that will propel you towards your destination quicker than anything else imaginable.

Well, many years ago I found that shortcut. I took it... And it honestly changed my life!

And I discovered it in the most unexpected place...

Shaolin monks!

That's right - I found the answer watching Shaolin monks!

Now this might sound crazy, and you probably think I'm a bit nuts, but this specific technique has been one of the key ingredients to my trading success.

It took me from struggling daytrader, spending hours upon hours staring at a trading screen, tired and frustrated with the amount of effort I was putting in for very little (if any) trading profits...

And it turned me into a successful trader and hedge fund manager, managing millions of dollars of investors money.

With this 1 technique, my transformation happened fast.

It worked for me. And I've seen it work for others too.

So it can also work for you.

But before I tell you more about how you can access this technique to transform your own trading (or even just to give it a good boost), let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Tomas! 

I'm a breakout trading specialist and European Hedge Fund manager. 

I live in the southern Spain, in a place called Costa Del Sol.

I've been trading for over a decade now. 

I started as a discretionary pattern trader, then switched to algorithmic trading strategies many years ago.

After I found success with algo trading, I started teaching other traders in the Czech Republic (my home country) how to build algo trading strategies too. I taught hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of aspiring traders how to build trading strategies that actually work:

I even published a couple of trading books, became a best-selling author and appeared on Czech national television:

Now many years later, I'm a hedge fund manager, managing millions for European banks and private institutions.  

Some of my students also became successful hedge fund managers, so the techniques I share actually work.

But as I mentioned earlier, this "Shaolin Monk technique" is one of the most effective techniques of all.

Many of the most successful people in the world use this technique, often without even realising it. Athletes. Surgeons. Consultants. CEOs. 

And even traders.

In fact, it's such a powerful technique for traders, that I've devoted an entire edition of my new "The Empowered Trader Club" newsletter to it:

If you want to shortcut your progress as a trader with fresh new ideas, or expand your existing trading knowledge with 'out of the box' solutions, then "The Empowered Trader Club" newsletter will show you how. 

However, it's definitely NOT for everyone. Here's what I mean:  

"The Empowered Trader Club" is an offline (paper & ink) newsletter featuring a mixture of trading ideas, insights and instructions. 

...You'll see what works and what doesn't... 

...What me and my trading colleagues are researching... 

...How we approach building robust trading strategies... 

...And how you can apply what we're doing to your own trading right now. 

Each issue is packed with actionable ideas and techniques...

Designed to become a consistently profitable trader, extracting profits no matter what happens in the markets.

That's my goal for you.

I want you to be able to tear open each issue, devour the juicy content in one sitting, and apply the ideas to your trading immediately to make back your monthly subscription price plus much more... And then keep making new profits every single month after that too.

And when you subscribe to "The Empowered Trader Club", you also get some high-value bonuses. The first is the exclusive "Algo Trading Blackbook" extended edition (which you can't buy anywhere)...

FREE BONUS #1: "The Algo Trading Blackbook" - 71 tips that will transform your trading and potentially your life

This is a physical book (there is no pdf available for this extended version), and will be shipped directly to your home for free.

The book contains 600+ pages of high value trading content, and is possibly the "thickest algo trading book in the world" - just don't drop this bad boy on your toes!

In these pages you'll uncover the exact trading methods and knowledge I've accumulated over 20+ years of building and trading algorithmic breakout strategies. 

It covers all aspects of trading including the foundations of trading, building strategies that work, expert and advanced strategies and even trading lifestyle.

Some of the tips you'll discover inside this book include:

  • The #1 surprising reason many traders don’t make money and how YOU can avoid it to maximize your odds of being a consistently profitable trader... page 4  
  • The "3 simple words" from a Karate World Champion that reveals how traders can increase their chance of beating the markets - most traders ignore these 3 simple words and it can cost them lots of time and money focussing on the wrong things... page 7  
  • What a former CIA agent taught me about trading, and how knowing "too much" in trading can actually hurt your trading performance... page 29  
  • How "thinking about models" can fast-track your trading progress - it might sound a bit weird, but this particular way of thinking can actually get you better trading results and save you loads of time... page 48  
  • The secret #1 killer of trading dreams that nobody wants to talk about (and how to stop it)... page 57  
  • The top 5 ways to maximize profits and minimize losses - you can even start doing these today... Page 81  
  • The #1 best trading tech all traders need for success (and you've probably already got it without even realising!)... page 135  
  • How many trading strategies you REALLY need to be successful (the answer may shock you!)... Page 160 
  • The #1 top technique to increase your chance of creating successful strategies - yes, your trading strategy will very likely fail (at some point), but with these steps you can reduce the chance of total strategy failure and surge past other traders... page 181  
  • The simple chart that changed my trading and my life, and it could have the same impact on you... page 207  
  • How to turn your trading around in 14 days and accomplish more than you may have in years... page 210  
  • The simple technique student Henrik used to achieve "overnight success" and how you can do it too.. page 217  
  • The #1 ingredient to successful swing trading and why most traders approach swing trading the completely wrong way... page 334  
  • How to know if a strategy is really failing and the MUCH more important question you should be asking instead... page 359  
  • The #1 reason false breakouts are sucking your account dry and the simple "one word solution" to reducing them... page 384  
  • The suprisingly simple tweak to 20% bigger trading profits... page 403  
  • Why "knowing it all" about trading won't make you rich and could actually be harming you instead... page 434  
  • The simple hack my hedge fund uses to 'super-boost' trading performance - and you can use it too... page 473  
  • How the "DPS technique" can increase your probability of success - not all trades are equal, and with the DPS technique you can take advantage of that (it's like counting cards in a casino, but DPS is legal!)... page 545  
  • The #1 reason you should NEVER start trading - this might sound odd but every trader should seriously consider this first... page 604  
  • How to build the life you want and why you can DEFINITELY do it if you stick with this one proven advice you’re going to discover in this chapter... page 606  
  • How the Pet Detective changed my life (and my trading), and it may just be a radical shift for you too... page 619

"It’s hard to know who to trust in the trading industry... Luckily for me I found Tomas Nesnidal and I can definitely say that he is sincere about providing quality content that can make a big difference for retail traders.”  

- Sherif, United States

"After I analyzed the work of so many traders for several years, I can count you as one of the handful of genuine traders and educators whose methods actually work." ​ - Raman, India 

"Tomas is the real McCoy. He is absolutely genuine and sincere. There is no other course that teaches the in-depth robustness analysis which is so critical and central to profitable strategies." ​ - Jeff, United States 

"Thank you Tomas and Andrew. I appreciate your honest transparency and commitment to excellence. This speaks volumes to your market and will place you well above the rest!" ​ - Phil, Australia

"Tomas has been a professional trader for many years and the depth of his understanding of Breakout strategies is hard to find elsewhere." ​ - Antonin, Czech Republic  

"Tomas has one of the most practical approaches in the trading industry... I appreciate his no nonsense, no fluff, inspirational teaching approach.”  

- Arek, Canada  

"After completing and testing the content of Tomas I was happily surprised that it was working. And amazingly many things by Tomas works the way he describes."  

- Henrik, Sweden

That's just a small taste of the trading wisdoms you'll uncover in this juicy book!

And it's just one of the bonuses you get when you subscribe to "The Empowered Trader Club" today. Here are some additional bonuses you get instantly when you join:

FREE BONUS #2 (INSTANT ACCESS): "The 5 Key Secrets To Becoming A Trading Specialist (and making more money)"

When you sign up to "The Empowered Trader Club" you also get instant access to this free video training, which includes:

  • The top 5 tips to becoming a breakout trading specialist and getting big results fast,  
  • How to avoid getting lost chasing details that don't even matter and what to do instead,  
  • The critical question all traders should ask themselves BEFORE starting a trading task - if you don't ask yourself this question you'll waste time and effort and your progress will be much slower,  
  • How to speed up your research, strategy creation and robustness testing and accomplish more in 1 day than you can do in a week,  
  • The minimum weekly goal all traders should aim for to accelerate growth and become a specialist trader faster,  
  • Where successful traders spend most of their time and you should too,  
  • Plus much more.  

Here's a screenshot of me sharing one of the key points in the "5 key secrets to becoming a trading specialist" video training:

FREE BONUS #3 (INSTANT ACCESS): "Deconstruction of a Profitable Breakout Trading Strategy" (including code) 

Sometimes the best way to learn how something works is to pull it apart piece by piece. And that's exactly what you'll see us do with a profitable breakout trading strategy we shared publicly 4 years ago.

Yes, the strategy is profitable. And if you traded it when we first released it you would have made 1000's of dollars. 

But that's not the point...

The REAL value is understanding HOW it works so you can build your own profitable trading strategies using the same techniques.

When you sign up to "The Empowered Trader Club" you also get instant access to the free video training "Deconstruction of a Profitable Breakout Trading Strategy". We'll even share the strategy code and trading rules with you too.

Here's the equity curve of the breakout strategy. The red line is when it was released to the public and it still keeps making profits 4 years later:

Here's the deal:

"The Empowered Trader Club" is $47 per month and shipping for the newsletter and bonuses is free no matter what country you live in. 

But before you join us there are a few important points you need to consider:

Firstly, there are no refunds on subscriptions. However, you can cancel at any time, for any reason and with no hassle.

Secondly, this club is NOT for everyone. 

In fact, it's not for alot of traders, for example:

  • "The Empowered Trader Club" is NOT for traders who can't focus, and like to jump from one thing to the next but never implement anything...  
  • "The Empowered Trader Club" is NOT for traders looking for the next hot indicator they can talk about on trading forums (that are mostly full of losing traders anyway)...  
  • "The Empowered Trader Club" is NOT for traders looking for a free trading book but aren't ready to do the real work that brings true results...  
  • "The Empowered Trader Club" is NOT for traders looking for quick riches - if you think you're going to become an instant "millionaire trader" by getting the free bonus book and an issue or two, then you're in the wrong place. That's like going to the gym for a week, not getting ripped, then canceling.

Seriously, if any of these are you, save your time and money. This is NOT for you.

However, if you're a committed trader, willing to do whatever it takes and realise that even though we can get some "quick wins", trading is a marathon not a sprint, then this is for you. 

If you want long-term and consistent success, you've got to work for it, and with "The Empowered Trader Club" we'll help shortcut that process for you.

Now's the time...

It's time to choose if you want in or not... 

Do you want to accelerate your trading every single month?

When you click the "Join The Empowered Trader Club" button to try it out, here's what you'll get:

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  • Instant access: "Deconstruction of a Profitable Breakout Trading Strategy" video trading (including strategy rules and code)  

Also, you'll receive your first printed issue of "The Empowered Trader Club" newsletter on the next scheduled mailing. (It goes to print the 1st week of every month) 

Plus, you'll get exclusive bonuses every single month as well, all for only $47 per month!

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See you on the "other side",

Tomas Nesnidal  

Hedge Fund Manager Breakout Trading Specialist 


Can I get this newsletter in pdf or digitally?

Nope, it is only available in printed form, delivered fresh from the printing press to your mailbox every month. There will be a number of bonuses delivered in electronic format though, for example, audio and video trainings.

Do I get free access to the back issues?

You will get the opportunity to purchase back issues at the same price everyone else paid for them, but we're not sure how often we will make them available yet.

Can I get a trial issue?

When you subscribe to "The Empowered Trader Club" you get immediate access to the free bonus newsletter issue "The #1 guaranteed, no B.S. way to become a highly successful trader and make a ton of money sustainably" in PDF format.

I just want the book, how do I get it?

You can't. It's not available anywhere else so the only way you can get it is through "The Empowered Trader Club". If you're thinking about joining just to get the free book and cancel immediately afterwards, don't be a scumbag.

Will these techniques work for me?

Alot of the techniques and information we share in "The Empowered Trader Club" are universal, and will work for all types of traders at all levels.

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