The "Initialization Protocol" for successful live trading,
The 3-step process to find the strongest market currents,
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The Empowered Trader Club" is a printed quarterly newsletter for serious traders only, that shares new ideas and proven 'out of the box' solutions to help you make more money in trading – consistently. Each issue is packed with actionable ideas and techniques...

Designed for you to become a more consistently profitable trader,
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In this issue...

In this issue of the “The Empowered Trader” club newsletter you'll discover:

  • The “Initialization Protocol”: The top 10 things you need to know before going live to maximize your odds of trading success,
  • The 3 step “dive-in” process to locate the best trading waters, enter them as safely and possible, and always trade with the strongest market currents,
  • Everything you need to know about the hot new trading trend that could be bigger than crypto!
  • Plus, the new and improved Empowered Trader format based on YOUR feedback.

That's three times the value, including actionable insights that apply whether you're just starting your trading journey or are an experienced trader.

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Here's what traders are saying about the Empowered Trader Club

Jim G, USA

"The Empowered Trader Newsletter is way more than a newsletter. Every issue contains key information that helps accelerate my path to success in algorithmic trading. I’m always excited to read the new issue."

Adam S, Australia

"Once again the team at BTA has come up with great content that has helped catapult my trading into consistently positive territory."

Anson L, USA

"The Empowered Trader provides helpful information and ideas that help me improve my trading and system development."

Brian J, USA

"You may spend a lifetime trading and not learn many of the great lessons and insights so generously given in this newsletter. Wherever you are trying to go with your trading, this newsletter is likely a shortcut to get there."

Here's what you get...

When you join the Empowered Trader Club today, you’ll get...

  • Printed version of the Empowered Trader Club newsletter, only available to Club members (new issue mailed the 1st week of each quarter), with extra bonuses; AND,
  • The "Algo Trading Blackbook" (600+ hard-copy pages of algorithmic trading gold), immediately sent to you by mail. A $39 value!
  • Instant access: The premiere issue of" Empowered Trader Club Newsletter " (Issue #1, in PDF format). A $67 value! 
  • Instant access: The "5 Key Secrets to Becoming a Trading Specialist" video training by professional hedge fund manager Tomas Nesnidal. A $29 value! 
  • Instant access: "Deconstruction of a Profitable Breakout Trading Strategy" video trading (including strategy rules and code). A $79 value! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get this newsletter in pdf or digitally?

The newsletter comes in printed form and is delivered fresh from the printing press to your mailbox, however postal delivery times during the pandemic have been slow, so we're currently making the newsletter available in digital format too. There will be a number of bonuses delivered in electronic format too, for example, audio and video trainings.

Do I get free access to the back issues?

You will get the opportunity to purchase back issues at the same price everyone else paid for them, but we're not sure how often we will make them available yet.

Can I get a trial issue?

When you subscribe to "The Empowered Trader Club" you get immediate access to the free bonus newsletter issue "The #1 guaranteed, no B.S. way to become a highly successful trader and make a ton of money sustainably" in PDF format.

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds on subscriptions. However, you can cancel at any time, for any reason and with no hassle.

I just want the book, how do I get it?

You can't. It's not available anywhere else so the only way you can get it is through "The Empowered Trader Club". If you're thinking about joining just to get the free book and cancel immediately afterwards, don't be a scumbag.

Will these techniques work for me?

Alot of the techniques and information we share in "The Empowered Trader Club" are universal, and will work for all types of traders at all levels. If you're looking how to become an instant trading millionaire or the next hot indicator to impress you friends, this is not for you. However, if you're a committed trader, who wants long-term and consistent success, and is willing to do the work to get there, then "The Empowered Trader Club" is right for you (and will help shortcut that process for you too!)

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